Lesson Video Guides
Peter Hill Swimming

Welcome to Peter Hill Swimming’s lesson video guides, at Peter Hill Swimming  we want every child’s first experience of swimming lessons to be as rewarding and fun as possible.

The following lesson video guides are designed to help parents  prepare their child for  structured lessons at Peter Hill Swimming and to assist when they want to back up the learning from their swimming lessons.

At Peter Hill Swimming we use these simple techniques every day

Feel free to watch and try these tips when you visit the pool.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me anything, either here or on our facebook page here

Non Swimmer

Level 1 Skill 1


Level 1 Skill 2

Front Floating

Level 1 Skill 3

Back Floating

Level 1 Skill 4


Level 1 Skill 5

Turning & Resurfacing

Level 1 Skill 6

Safety Basics

Level 2 Skill 1

Breathe Control

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